Without Warning, Two Community Parents Deported Last Week

13681136303_fee36b812e_bBy Bill Weisberger, January 23, 2017

On Thursday this past week a student ducked into my room 10 minutes before the morning bell and asked if he could just sit for a while. I said sure, no problem, but when I actually looked up to see his face I realized that he had been crying. It took me asking him one time what was going on for him to burst into tears. His father had been taken from their home at 5am, just before he left for work. “He didn’t do anything,” my student said. “I don’t know what happened.” Without any notice, his father had been taken from their family before the sun came up. It was shocking and terrifying, but they couldn’t call the police because it was the police who had taken him. Sadly, the student told me that he was more worried about his baby sister than himself because she’s just a little kid and she loves her father.

The bell rang, I told him I was there for him, and the student pulled himself together and went to class. I shot emails around to ask for help from the social worker and school psychologist, and I let the student’s other teachers know to take it easy on him today. I felt terrible for him, but I didn’t give it more thought than that.

The next day it happened to another family at our school. The exact same thing – kids wake up to see their parent being taken away as they head off to work before dawn. And now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.

I don’t know if this is the start of some terrifying Trump-era pattern of deportations and broken families or the result of the tail-end of Obama’s immigration policies. And maybe these deportations were completely isolated incidents. Regardless, I think it’s better to be safe and let it be known.

Last week, two of our parents were deported without warning or reason. Maybe you can share out if you know the same thing is happening more frequently in other communities.

Published by Bill Weisberger

High school chemistry teacher, living in Rome, Italy with my wife and our dog.

One thought on “Without Warning, Two Community Parents Deported Last Week

  1. this is terribly sad bill. the rate at which things are getting out of control is scary, your blog motivates me to do something more than just read fb posts and the news. thanks for sharing this. All the best to you guys in Colorado


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